The Three Tools We Use to Assess Your Individual Orthodontic Needs:

  1. Individual and personal assessment by Dr. David A. Fields with decades of experience. He'll match your needs with an individual assessment.

  2. Panoramic x-ray for a complete behind the scenes look at your mouth with an eye on engineering your awesome, perfect smile.

  3. Written treatment plan that will be presented to you with our lifetime guarantee.

kindleBest of all, this assessment and treatment plan write up are done for you without cost*, under no obligation, using our $100 Gift Certificate.
We guarantee your smile and back it up with a lifetime warranty!

Call (410) 561-3200. Ask for Deb.

Bonus: Free Family Friendly Kindle Fire with the start of treatment!

bullhorn01-blueOur $100 Gift Certificate For New Patients!

At Timonium Orthodontics, You Don't Pay a Single Penny: To Get a Professional Consultation and an Orthodontic Action Plan!   
*Free Assessment by an Experienced Orthodontist
*Free Written Treatment Plan
*Call (410) 561-3200 to schedule your appointment!

Call (410) 561-3200. Ask for Deb.

Free Initial Consultation, Free Workup

We offer a free initial consultation and full work up to all our patients.

Digital-dental-xray Dr. Fields will evaluate and diagnose the necessary orthodontic treatment. A panoramic x-ray shows a panoramic view or all teeth in the mouth, even those teeth which may not yet have erupted. A panoramic x-ray helps to evaluate crowding problems, spacing problems, and to evaluate the root structure of the teeth. A cephalometric x-ray is taken in order to help the doctor determine growth patterns of the jaw. Dr. Fields will then explain the diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient.

After Dr. Fields discusses a treatment plan with the patient and/or parent, fee estimates and payment plans will be presented. There is no down payment required to get started with braces. We offer low, affordable monthly payments with no interest or finance charges.

The next step is to complete orthodontic records, which include plaster study models of the teeth, photos of the patient's face and teeth, and separators. In most cases, records can be done on the day of the initial consultation. You usually are able to have your braces placed within two weeks after your initial consultation. Please allow 1 ½ to 2 hours for your first visit.

Please help us be prepared for your first appointment by completing this Patient Information and Medical History form. Download the form below (PDF format) to your computer, print it out, complete the form, and bring it with you to your first appointment.

Ask About Our Interest Free Finance Plan!

Call (410) 561-3200. Ask for Deb.

From Susan:
I am just 2 months into my 2 year adventure getting braces as an adult. Dr. Fields office is bright and cheery. The staff is all very friendly. Dr. Fields' dental assistant is very sweet and conscientious about giving good care as well. Dr. Fields is very personable, gentle, caring, and confident in his skills. Another Ortho told me he could not do what I needed yet Dr. Fields did not even bat an eye about it. He is sure that my bite will be right and my teeth beautifully straight when he is finished. I am sure I chose the right Doctor.
Please make sure you study this cleanliness guide to ensure you maintain healthy gums during orthodontic treatment! Click on image below.
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